1) who may be referred?

Any child from birth to 18years can be referred for paediatric physiotherapy.

2) what can I expect from my child's first treatment session?

The first session will include a discussion between the Therapist and parents and child, of there current difficulties, any medical problems, what happened around the time of their birth and their early development and any medication. The therapist will ask for information on previous treatments received and for contact information of any other professionals involved with the child. An physical assessment will also be completed of the child, which may include range of movement, their muscle strength, spasticity (stiffness in their muscles) and their functional abilities. At the end of this first session the therapist will discuss further with you the options available.

3) how many sessions will my baby require?

Children, their condition, presenting problems and individual goals are all different. Therefore, there is great variation in the amount of input of child requires. Some children may require only an assessment, others a few sessions and some more. If you have further questions about the number of sessions require please contact us to discuss further.

4) How long will the sessions be?

An initial assessment will be 30-45 minutes dependant on the child's age and condition. Follow-on treatment sessions are 45-60 minutes.

5) what to wear and bring?

Child should be in comfortable and loose fitting clothes preferably shorts and tshirts. Please bring a water bottle and a napkin along with you

6) Siblings

As we are a family friendly clinic we recognize that it is sometimes difficult to find someone to look after siblings so they are welcome to attend but it is important that they are fully supervised by the parent.

7) I am concerned about my child’s development, are you able to give me advice over the phone?

We would be failing in our duty of care to offer advice over the phone without having actually assessed your child in person. However we will be able to tell you whether Physiotherapy is likely to help or whether it would be more appropriate to see another professional such as an Occupational Therapist or to speak to your GP.